About Us

The Keynes Centre at University College Cork – National University of Ireland is a Centre of Excellence for Leadership Thinking and Practitioner Development based in Cork City in the south of Ireland.

Our academic researchers and business practitioners design and deliver Transformative Thinking Experiences for better leadership in business, politics, and society.

TKC is an applied-research centre directed at translating frontier research into practical solutions for individuals and organisations working at the uncertainties of the world today.

Centred on our innovative concepts of ‘Leadership’, ‘Leadership Mind’ and ‘Leadership Experiences’ our purpose is to:

  • advance leadership by working with ideas grounded in realistic applications to deliver better thinking for decision-making and judging
  • re-think and test practical approaches to adult development based on experiences of people and organisations
  • promote innovative and effective ways of growing and realise the leadership potential in people and organisations
We are committed not only to highlighting what is not working in the field of leadership thinking but also to finding workable solutions in collaboration with practitioners.







Our Approach

Organisational and social transformation flows from personal transformations.

Support is regularly available in the form of new skills, more information, advice, consultancy. While these can address certain problems, they occur only at the Competence level of observable behaviours. As Professor Robert Kegan says, this is leaving many people feeling ‘in over their heads’.

Real development requires trans-form-ation – going beyond current forms of knowing. We work on this at the foundational Capability and the bridging Capacity levels which govern our behaviours.

Our approach to ‘Leadership Development’ is truly transformational, being fo