The Keynes Centre is about people and organisations who want to meet the demands of the increasingly complex world.

These demands require growing minds capable of meeting the challenges of making deeper sense in business and society – minds constructed to deliver better behaviours and performances as well as to enjoy more balanced lives in the continually changing world – Leadership Minds.

To change our behaviours, performances and satisfactions, we must change our minds. This principle applies also to all organisations: Organisations can’t think, only people think; so organisational development is fundamentally about developing minds.

The demand today is for changing HOW WE THINK – for developing our minds by escaping from old ideas – the observation of John Maynard Keynes which we have taken as Our Founding Principle.

The Keynes Centre is committed to developing minds to a higher level of meaning-making capability and moving beyond old ideas through innovative Personal Professional and Organisational Programmes, and Consultancy & Coaching.

We provide experiences to enable you to:

Grow your mind

Create your own Leadership Capability

Construct your justifiably confident self – a person with greater clarity, creativity, and connection to others – a ‘Well Made Self’.

We draw on the implications of frontier research about Adult Mind Development for personal professional and organisational transformation. Our work also builds on insights from 30 years of using the thinking and ideas of Keynes, as our primary source thinker, in diverse settings. These settings include teaching and facilitating at University College Cork, especially in Executive MBA and Business Practitioner Doctorate programmes; in a wide range of Executive and Professional Workshops; and in Ireland and various countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Austria, United States, and China.

This combination of ideas and experiences is the source of the innovation and the difference in our approach to growing Leadership Minds: our approach is ‘the difference that makes a difference’.
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