We are committed to developing YOUR VISION, in the sense of William James. By our ‘visions’ James means our ‘modes of feeling the whole push, and seeing the whole drift of life and, on the whole, our preferred best working attitudes’.

Vision is what James considered “the great fact about a person”: it is our defining feature, it is where we operate from. This great fact about each of us relates to how we make meaning – especially How We Think – and how we relate to others.

We are Our Preferred Best Working Attitudes
Are we as good as we would wish and can be?

The Keynes Centre provides the space to open up thinking in a way that creatively challenges and supports engaging in mind development. We are not about telling you what to think.

We are dedicated to working with you on developing your vision.

Your insights into how you construct your sense of the world, how you think, and how you relate to others are the foundations on which you can build your capacity to operate at greater levels of meaning-making complexity.

Developing peoples’ preferred best working attitudes is also the pre-requisite for organisational development. This is more important for long-term prosperity than adding to skills, techniques and information – which are important and necessary at particular times, but these can be implemented relatively easily. Growing minds, however, is much harder to achieve and not usually attempted. Yet the consequences of ignoring it can be fatal to an organisation’s survival.

The quality of minds thinking together within an organisation is the key variable for success. As we are a society of organisations, their quality is crucial to the quality of societies. Our approach recognises, addresses and adds those dimensions for organisational leaders.

CEOs, Senior Managers and Directors who grow themselves will be better positioned to grow their staff and develop, their organisations. When these leaders are seen to be growing their own minds, there is the power of example for staff and colleagues. This is why The Keynes Centre offers particular programmes for CEOs, Senior Managers and Directors, as well as aspiring CEOs, Senior Managers and Directors, who want to lead development.

Exploring How We Think, How We Understand, How We Feel, and How We Relate to Others, provides experiences to raise awareness and understanding of what life-long adult mind development means and of how it can be intentionally undertaken.

This is the basis for the personal insights of Transformative Thinking – the change, the growth in minds, which is the focus of our distinctive and effective approach.

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