Launched in 2015, The Keynes Centre story actually starts 30 years ago with our director Professor Connell Fanning and his transformational learning work.

As Head of the Department of Economics at University College Cork, he led major changes in the undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum and pioneered programmes grounded on adult mental development and transformative thinking. These include the BA in Economics Through Transformational Learning, MSc in Economics of Business Practice, and Practitioner Doctorate – DBA (Business Economics). He also delivered a Four-Module sequence in the UCC Executive MBA on Transformational Development Through Economics.

In 2015, he established The Keynes Centre to expand his transformational work and to bridge the gap between academia and business, public and social sectors.

Keynes and US: The Story Behind our Name

“Keynes was concerned about How We Think, particularly about and in a world of uncertainty.”
Professor Connell Fanning
Director of The Keynes Centre
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