You will notice a change in your understanding of Adult Mind Development, how it can be continued over the life cycle, and that minds do not have to stop growing when the brain is fully developed, around mid-20s. It is still (incorrectly) believed by many people that brain development limits mind development and therefore that they are the same. This is why there is often a lack of traction after a while by ‘information-downloading’ programmes – more information being poured into unchanging minds – as compared with a genuine transformative approach. To change behaviours, minds have to change.

You will see more clearly how responsibility for growing your mind – in the sense of your meaning-making capacity, how you think, and how you form and hold your opinions – and for continuing this growth over your life time lies with you, and can only lie with you.

You will sense an increasing awareness about how much thinking and opinion are formed by the minds of others, how they are carried unintentionally by people for much of their lives, and how you will want to choose your own positions. The notion of ‘thought-leaders’ presumes others are ‘thought-followers’. Do you prefer to be a thought- follower or your own thought-leader? This is, what your preferred best working attitude is essentially about.

This awareness will help release any continuing dependency in your mode of operating by creating movement to leave the stage in Adult Mental Development at which most people currently settle. This stage is characterised by externally driven features. As your own thought-leader you will think for yourself, construct your own meanings, pursue your own ideas, and take your hard decisions.

This release will naturally provide the opening for you to move into and through the next stage of adult mind development in which, instead of looking outside yourself for ignition, passion and direction, you will look inside and use your own portfolio of ideas which you create or select and test for yourself. In this, your preferred best working attitude, will operate with more ways of thinking for yourself as you will responsibly and deliberately create your own Leadership Vision.

In addition to the enjoyment people take in their new understanding of their minds and how they can continue to develop their meaning-making capability, a powerful effect of our approach is also the interest participants find in helping others – staff, colleagues, family, and friends – engage in their own adult mind development for individual and social benefit.

How are you contributing to your self-development, growth of others, to your business and society?
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