The Power of Metaphors for Communicating

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Metaphors are essential for conveying the intangibles of life – feelings, ideas, beauty. Great leaders understand this and it is part of their effect on people – how they affect people and induce them to share their vision.

David Brooks

© Mike O’Donnell

Most of the metaphors we use in our daily lives are dead. We hardly ever notice them. They have become clichés and we treat them (unconsciously) as literal.Hence the deadness of most communications.

So, when a fresh metaphor comes along, we sit up. It helps us understand something in a new way and think about it differently thereafter. Many today are looking to understand President Trump – how he thinks, how his mind works – and to convey that idea to others.  Few do well at it.

And David Brooks, Op-Ed Columnist of the New York Times, has now given us one of the best so far about Trump’s thinking.

When he says that Trump’s thoughts are “often just six fireflies beeping randomly in a jar” we see President Trump in a different light.

Could we do better to convey the feeling of that mystery of mysteries?

The Keynes CentreThe Power of Metaphors for Communicating