Our approach to consulting, coaching and mentoring delivers on the Transformative Thinking mission of The Keynes Centre to support transforming How You Think about your Leadership Capabilities.

Transformational Co-Consulting for Strategic Thinking
Our Co-Consulting focuses on Strategic Thinking for Business Growth and is based on three principles:

Experienced and committed people in organisations have the requisite understandings of the business and know best what is to be done.

Such knowledge is dispersed throughout an organisation and has to be brought together for collective strategic thinking to be effective.

Effective consulting grounds a team of people in the methods of thinking strategically for themselves so as to sustain long-term development.

Co-Consultancy is about real development, not just a set of recommendations

Our transformational approach delivers these principles through a partnership of engagement, in which we work closely with you and your people on How to Think about your strategy needs.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”Benjamin Franklin

Our Workouts are custom- and co-designed and can cover analysis, formulation and implementation of Organisational Culture and Leadership. A multi-disciplinary Strategy Team will be organised specifically to meet your particular organisational context and people training needs.

As in our Personal Professional and Organisational Development Programmes, we are not about telling you and your team what to think about strategy, but about working together with you to develop your own strategic thinking.

“Give a person a fish to feed them for a day; teach them to fish to feed them for a lifetime.”Various

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Coaching & Mentoring as Individual Transformational Dialogue

The Transformational Coaching for Senior Managers and Executives are one-to-one, customised experience for those who seek a more private and individually-focused approach to growing their Leadership Capabilities.

We take a multi-disciplinary approach by advising, supporting and giving you specific feedback on your transformation as we get to know you individually.

We have a unique transformational methodology and we will use this to anchor you through your individual transformational dialogue.

Our Individual Dialogue approach will significantly guide you further along the path of your transformation as a Leadership Mind.

This dialogue will afford you a confidential personal space where you can develop and try out your new leadership insights and fully and appropriately integrate them into your new expanded vision of leadership with higher levels of clarity, complexity and impact.

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” Carl Jung, Psychologist

Our Coaching Team have extensive and varied experiences in working with Leadership Transformations globally and have generated a unique approach to accelerate how adults transform themselves. They can work with you through one or a customised combination of the three following Transformational Pathways:

Explores ideas as the fundamental unit of thought. Our personal portfolio of ideas is a key aspect of the place from which we operate.

With this training you will be able to continue exploring the construction of your portfolio and to develop it further by being able to test, challenge, and debate your emerging transforming perspective.

Addresses the integration of your new Leadership ideas into your expanding Leadership capabilities. The training is grounded in three phases, each of which is disruptive but will ultimately develop your capability for generating personal clarity and lucidity about YOUR leadership.

You will also deal with how to make your Vision and Purpose a reality, how to leverage your new understanding of transformation to achieve it, and, how to manage your weaknesses and blind spots as these are often invisible sides of you, which will hold you back.

Works on overcoming immunity to change – adapting a powerful method devised by Professor Robert Kegan of Harvard University – to reveal and explore your ‘big assumptions’ – the hidden and unexplored assumptions about yourself and your situations – which are at the base of our interactions with the world.

This method and tools will challenge and support you to go deeper into your own attitude to leadership and approach to change. We will work with you on freeing up the resistances which hold you in place, preventing your growth and acceleration, and releasing yourself from your hidden barriers. Your training in this Pathway will serve you in managing yourself and in relation more effectively to others.

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