HOW WE THINK is the critical Leadership Capability. This requires an approach to development that integrates personal and professional growth – a Personal Professional Development that focuses on Growing Minds. Programmes that provide more information or add to a skillset do not get at what is required to develop this capability.

Growing Mind provides the necessary foundation for leadership development and organisational development and is the basis for sustaining businesses, employment and prosperity in a changing, competitive world.

The Keynes Centre offers you a challenging and supportive space where you can explore how you construct your understandings of the world and relate to others. Our training philosophy is to show how minds can be grown and how ways of thinking can be developed so that change can continue and be life-long.

Our programmes focus on THE SELF – people’s personal professional development and its relationship to their organisational context. They are offered throughout the year for individuals and can be flexibly customised for team development.

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Our innovative approach to Personal Professional Development is about ENLARGING FORMS OF THINKING – how the assumptions, values and beliefs that people use every day, very often unaware, shapes viewpoints and opinions, governs judgements and choices, and organises contributions to thinking in organisations and society.

The approach contrast with many well-designed development programmes which, while hoping to increase self-awareness using tools like Psychometrics (MBTI, Leadership Circle, Strengths Finder etc.), are only adding content to the unchanged form.

Programmes may not take on a real transformation approach because, for example, focusing on FORMS of THINKING can be challenging at times as, for example, the power of the unconscious and fear of unknown pulls people back to content and the familiar where they feel safer. Yet it is also well known that, unless we engage in disrupting our current perspectives and behaviour, we will not experience transformational change of the kind needed for growing Leadership Capabilities.

Do you feel that you have exhausted all avenues of development programmes, workshops, and events and still cannot find the answers to help you focus on enlarging your form? Is some ‘disruption’ – to become aware of what you can’t see about yourself – needed?

It is only through the balanced combination of challenge, support, and self-assessment that you will be really prompted to look into aspects of How You Think to understand yourself better – the pre-requisite for relating to others better, which is a core skill of leadership and management.

We guide you to uncover hidden aspects of your Form of Thinking which, once revealed, can be reframed and applied to your work in adaptive and transformative ways. These re-framings can be taken into new areas of management and leadership in organisations and society.

You will not just learn new skills; rather, you will become more skilled in new ways of learning.
By joining our programmes you will create a well-constructed mind and will be able to:

Continually refresh your personal awareness;
Overcome unease, stuckness and bring about change;
Acquire a higher level of thinking to improve decision-making;
Confidently create your own Leadership Capabilities;
Experience relationships in a clearer, and mutually responsible way;
Foster insightful development at your workplace;
Explore fresh ideas to meet everyday challenges;
Make your work engaging and better contribute to your team;
Grow your business creatively and ethically;
Plan and execute longer term career development;
Empower people with greater objectivity and confidence about their developmental weaknesses and strengths.

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