Leadership talk is overwhelmingly about lists of traits, positions, results, techniques, behaviors, habits and skills. As a result, ideas about ‘Leader’, ‘Leading’ and ‘Leadership’ lack the necessary clarity to guide effective action.

This mix-up also brings confusion, frustration, and anxiety for those who cannot tick all the boxes in the many lists that are shared on books, articles and social media posts or who lose track of what is really at issue in Leadership.

We see ‘Leadership’ as about YOURSELF: How You Think, Construct Your Sense of the World and Relate to Others.

Our Reading for Change offers a challenging and supportive space for thinking afresh about ‘Leadership’ and growing your own Leadership Capabilities.

The programme takes an indirect approach to exploring ‘Leadership’ so as to work at a deeper level than what is commonly found in most ‘Leadership’ Programmes.

Instead of business best-sellers, quick-fix formulas, and ‘leaders’ biographies, you will read six specially selected, short, thought-provoking books which will introduce effective ideas for levering change in your Leadership Thinking.

Over eight months you will engage in three types of dialogue: with the authors, with yourself (through journaling), and with other participants in monthly three-hour facilitated sessions.

The small round-table format will enable you to harness the power of shared readings and stimulating conversations to enhance your Personal Professional Development.



  • Seeking to refresh How to Think about ‘Leadership’ for themselves – not be told What to Think
  • Looking for fresh ideas, mental stimulation, and inspiration from world-class thinkers
  • Seeking to participate in high quality conversations, and open to exploring and engaging in productive dialogues


  • Interested in creating Well-Constructed Minds for strategic thinking and team building
  • Seeking to promote innovative, enlightened, and empowering organisational cultures

By joining this programme, participants will:

  • Develop new ways of understanding modes of operation and impact on others
  • Gain a new way of thinking about Leadership
  • Engage with fresh ideas, mental stimulation and inspiration from world-class thinkers
  • Experience high quality conversations
  • Enhance their power of forming well-grounded opinions
  • Create a well-constructed mind, better capable of promoting innovative, enlightened organisational cultures

The Keynes CentreBook Club – Reading for Change