We all are on our mission to succeed personally and professionally. In pursuit of this, we operate in ways which employ widely used and acceptable concepts and beliefs.

We read business best-sellers, we follow leadership gurus and their motivational mantras, and attend workshops and conferences to acquire skills to become more ‘successful’ in life.

Could these most widely held and accepted concepts, theories and beliefs to bring about success in life and business be the very stumbling blocks that limit and distort our success outcome?
Do we have clarity as to whether this accepted way of operating in ourselves is indeed beneficial or whether unknowingly to us it may in fact the greatest impediment to our success?

This 8-week programme offers a unique opportunity for exploring these questions by drilling down into the idea of “success” and into what prevents us from succeeding in our personal and professional lives.

We will explore together the questions above and see for ourselves (surface our intelligence and insight) to bring about a fundamental shift in the way we think and operate in ourselves.


This programme is not about teaching you how to be successful. It is an exploration with a group of participants to identify and clarify widely accepted concepts, such as thought, time, hope, expectation, fear, action, reaction, pursuit and goal – all commonly associated with the idea of success.

You will explore what ‘success’ really mean, why some people fail while others succeed, and what are the main impediments for a person to go from A to B – or is perhaps the idea of going from A to B the actual impediment!?

You will read a short book by Jiddu Krishnamurti (and some supplementary material by him), one of the greatest philosophical and spiritual figures of all times, and will bring to the discussion the concepts and ideas that resonate with you.

These will then be used to stimulate and initiate group exploration into the connection between ‘What I know’ and the impact that it has on ‘What I want’, my successful outcome.

  • People who are interested in how we operate in ourselves
  • People who want to succeed
  • People who wants to explore the idea of ‘success’
  • People who feel they are struggling with their next move
  • People interested in advancing their thinking about how to be successful and have an impact on people
  • Leaders and Managers who would like to help their people succeed

Four fortnightly sessions of two hours, over 8 weeks.

This programme is facilitated by:
The Keynes CentreFree from What You Know