This one-day Masterclass uniquely connects two current Leadership challenges – promoting organisational learning and improving collective judgement – using Adam Smith’s famous concept of the Impartial Spectator to explore the question:
What can we do to improve the quality of the strategic choices and judgements in our companies and organisations?

Dr. Dave Kirwan, Managing Director of Bord Gais Energy, delivers this programme and will share the insights he gained from working with this powerful concept for his own leadership growth as well as for promoting dialogue, leading change and organisational renewal in his workplace.

Taking a comprehensive developmental approach to communication, Kirwan will engage you in a useful apparatus for obtaining an objective view of your thinking and of how your thoughts might be viewed by others.

“If you fully incorporate the ‘Impartial Spectator’ into your work you will start looking at the world anew and behaving differently. Leaders need to access this way of thinking today.”

The small round-table group format will enable you to explore how you can evolve and self-regulate your judgement-making capability to provide real leadership and rely less on hierarchical modes of influencing. The programme is divided into three parts:


This Masterclass will be of particular interest to Middle Managers, Senior Managers, HR Consultants, CFO’s or any professional interested in developing leadership and communication capabilities for themselves and their staff with a view to:

  • Creating collaborative and harmonious workplaces;
  • Promoting well argued, considered, constructive and honest dialogues between employees;
  • Supporting learning communities within organisations that encourage diversity of thought and refinement of thinking;
  • Enhancing and shaping judgement-making for more effective organisational decision-making.
By the end of the day, you will:

  • Further your thinking about how and why you – and others – interact the way you do;
  • Increase self-awareness about how to best develop your own judgment-making and communication with others;
  • Be equipped with a unique tool for thinking creatively about Leadership and organisational culture change;
  • Be able to construct well argued, considered, and honest opinions;
  • Gain powerful ideas to lead with better direction and enhance team performance;
  • Be in a better position to help individuals grow their minds and contribute to their teams.
The Keynes CentreExploring Your Impartial Spectator