This one-day workout addresses the need for a new way of understanding and thinking about ‘Leadership’ and developing leadership capabilities.

Professionals at all levels face relentless pressures to work longer, produce more, and make better decisions.

At the same time, organisational life is also becoming more complex as laws and regulations change, markets are in flux, technologies advance, and stakeholders’ demands escalate.

Many people are finding that they are in over their heads.

A new way of thinking about Leadership and developing it is now needed as conventional programmes are increasingly seen as failing to deliver what is needed in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

This approach focuses on learning ‘How to Think’, rather than telling ‘What to Think’ and its uniqueness lies in the combination of the following elements:

  • Frontier research on Adult Mental Development and Organisational Growth from leading centres, such as Harvard University
  • Powerful ideas about thinking, decision-making and judging from two great thinkers, John Maynard Keynes and Hannah Arendt
  • 30 years’ experience delivering Executive Education and Training in University College Cork.
  • People interested in acquiring a new way of developing leadership capabilities for themselves and their teams
  • Managers at different levels needing a breakthrough in their leadership to progress in their career
  • Senior Managers, HR Professionals and Entrepreneurs seeking to change Organisational Culture
  • CEOs leading culture change and promoting staff development

Interactive case studies and group dialogues will provide experiences to raise awareness and understanding of what life-long adult mind development really means and promote insight into how it can be intentionally pursued for better judgment, relationships, creativity and innovation.

The Workout is divided into four sessions:


Participants will benefit by being:

  • Introduced to this emerging paradigm based on Transformative Thinking for Personal Professional and Organisational Development;
  • Enabled to sharpen their power of judgment through engagement with case studies and in dialogue with other participants;
  • Moved towards a solid grounding for critical assessment of fads and fashions;
  • Positioned at the frontier of thinking about ‘The Leadership Mind’ in the context of sustainable individual and organisational development.
This programme is facilitated by:
The Keynes CentreLeadership Breakthrough Workout