Garrett Barden on A Powerful Method of Personal Development | June 2017 | 35mins

Garrett Barden and Philip McShane’s ‘Towards Self-Meaning’ offers readers a series of exercises on performing self-reflection and self-meaning. Barden explores this further with us in June 2017.

Close Reading Virginia Woolf | March 2017 | 60mins

Paddy Crowe, Prof. Connell Fanning and Dr. Laura Aguiar discuss Virginia Woolf’s classic A Room of One’s Own and extract lessons for the ‘business of life’.

Interview with Paddy Crowe | September 2016 | 20mins

Our intern David O’Donovan interviews Paddy Crowe, one of our Practitioner Associates. In this interview, they discuss how we can live our lives in a better way, with greater clarity, balance and insight.

Connell Fanning Interview with CRY Radio | September 2016 | 11mins

Professor Fanning discusses why the field of Leadership is a mess and what our Reading for Change Book Club can do to bring clarity to people.

Interview with Professor Connell Fanning, Director of The Keynes Centre UCC | April 2016
About our e-book John Maynard Keynes: The Lives of a Mind | 4mins

How We are Inspired by John Maynard Keynes | 58sec

The Story Behind Our Name | 2:45mins

Exclusive Interview with Professor Robert Kegan, Harvard University | March 2015
The Keynes Centre and Adult Mental Development | 5:50mins

In Over Our Heads: The Mental Demands of Modern Life | 5mins

Changing Mindsets & Transforming How You think | 3.52mins

 What is and How to Develop a ‘Self-Authoring Mind’ | 4.42mins

Mind development: From Adolescence to Adulthood | 5mins

Coping with Increasing Demands of Work Places| 2.34mins

Interview With Prof. Connell Fanning | In Business on Radio Kerry | October 15

In this interview Professor Connell Fanning talks about The Reading For Change Book Club and why executives should join this unique personal professional development programme. | 14mins

The Keynes Centre Launch Speeches | April 2015
Dr. Michael Murphy | 10mins President, University College Cork

Michael Buckley | 13mins Chair of Advisory Board, The Keynes Centre

Professor Connell Fanning | 16mins Director, The Keynes Centre

The Keynes CentreWatch and Listen