Transforming How You Think

The ‘Assumptive Dive’ Workout

What we think is important.

Even more important is how we think.

And although how we think governs conduct in all realms of life – from everyday behaviour to making judgments and expressing opinions – people are often blind to the silent shapers within their thinking. These shapers are the deep-down senses of ‘how the world works’ and make up the fundamental assumptions of a person’s thinking across all personal experiences.

This ‘blind spot’ hampers a person’s ability to operate effectively in a complex world that demands continuing development of how we think throughout adulthood. ‘Development’ requires releasing ourselves from the current limits imposed on us by our ‘silent shapers’ as, in effect, they have us thinking through others rather than doing our thinking for ourselves.

The difficulty of escaping old, deeply lodged ways of knowing is that it usually requires undertaking a conscious effort to discover what ‘silent shapers’ we are working with and how they hold us.

The purpose of the ‘Assumptive Dive’ is to provide a catalyst for exploring our implicit, hidden assumptions about ‘how the world works’ through readings, dialogues, and reflections for development. This is not about acquiring new skills or information. It is a Developmental Workout where you can engage in your own personal development and growth in a supported environment.

The Workout will be conducted online over four months, in seven one-and-a-half hour sessions at fortnightly intervals, beginning on October 19, 2020.

This highly engaging experience draws on current understandings to transform how we think about our sources of beliefs about key matters in human affairs.

‘The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones’

John Maynard Keynes


The ‘Assumptive Dive’ is aimed at people from all walks of life who are willing and open to transforming their ways of thinking, wish to become more aware of the sources of their judgements, and be more confident about publicly expressing their decisions and opinions.

“The great thing in this world is not so much where we are, but what direction we are moving”

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.


Explore how to uncover the sources of your beliefs about social processes relating to key aspects of your personal, professional, and public lives, including in business, politics, and society.

Become aware of how hidden assumptions operate across all your life and how you use them to make meaning of your experiences.

Improve how you think to better meet the demands of the increasingly complex world in which you live and work.

Clarify your preferred ‘Assumptions Set’ so that you can become more aware of and alert to what shapes your thinking.

“Minds need at least as much exercise as bodies, but all too many people get stuck lifting light weights.”

Susan Neiman, Why Grow Up? Subversive Thoughts for an Infantile Age (2014)


Group One has booked out, group Two NOW open for bookings.

Beginning on 20 October 2020, schedule for Group Two, Tuesdays at 7.30-9.00pm as follows

20 October
3 and 17 November
1 and 15 December
5 and 12 January.

Fee:  €375

Intimate small group setting of Virtual Sessions.

Online over four months in seven one-and-a-half hour sessions at fortnightly intervals.

The book selected for 2020 as well as other readings and developmental resources are supplied and included in the fee.

Early booking advisable as places are limited to provide the best opportunities for all to participate.

Please make inquiries to

The Keynes Centre ‘Assumptive Dive Workout’ is eligible for CPD recognition for maintaining general professional standards.

Expressions of interest about this programme are always welcome.

The ‘Assumptive Dive Workout’ can also be co-designed and delivered in-house for company team development. Please inquire as to how the transformative ‘Assumptive Dive Workout’ can be right for you and your organisation.

Delivering ‘Assumptive Dive Workout’ in 2020

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Professor Connell Fanning


Professor Connell Fanning is a business economist with a special interest in the development and application of ideas and the role and use of theories in business reasoning. He was Professor of Economics and Head of the School of Economics for 30 years at University College Cork (UCC). Connell has wide teaching experience at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and in professional, executive and continuing education programmes.

He also has strong links with the business and external community. He has undertaken consultancy projects for businesses and public agencies, including the European Commission, has contributed to local and national Print, T.V. and Radio media on economic affairs, and has made presentations to a large range of public forums, conferences and seminars. He has published extensively on various themes, including John Maynard Keynes’ macroeconomic and business theory, local entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial renewal, worker management and labour-directed firms, Porter’s clusters theory, nurturing indigenous entrepreneurship and Penrose’s theory of organic growth of the firm.

Connell holds Primary and Masters degrees in Economics from University College Cork, and Masters and Ph.D. degree in Economics from Cornell University.


T:021 4658604

Dr. Assumpta O’Kane

Occupational Psychologist

Assumpta is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist (COccPsychol.).

She coaches, facilitates and advises on leadership and organisational development. She works with individuals and teams to guide the acceleration of their capabilities to meet the opportunities and challenges of modern organisational life. She set up her own practice in 2009 to work with both large corporations and SME’s on their leadership and organisational development.

Her earlier career was as Head of HR & Organisational Development in Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals from 1998-2009; Price Waterhouse Coopers, London and Dublin as a HR Consultant from 1993-1998, and with BDO Binder Hamlyn, London in Graduate Recruitment and HR management 1989-1993. She holds a primary degree from NUI Galway in Pure and Applied Psychology; a Masters in Occupational Psychology from Queen’s University Belfast and a DBA Business Economics from University College Cork.


T: 021 4658606

Connell and Assumpta will work closely with the participant group to assist and guide you in beginning your transformational work on how you think. Dialogue, Trust, and Collaboration will be distinct features of the experience which we will build and nurture together. You will be invited to practice the skills of observation, listening, questioning, and dialogue as we engage in creative, interesting, and ‘good conversations’. We promise you an invigorating developmental experience which will stimulate your awareness, enlarge your perspectives, and promote your judgement. We look forward to welcoming you to The Keynes Centre Transformative Experiences.