The Assumptive Dive Workout


Forming opinions and expressing them is something we do every day. In our time of ‘fake-news’, ‘half-truths’, and ‘alternative facts’ it is becoming essential for genuine conversation for each of us to be aware about how we and others form, hold, and express opinions.

We all have ‘silent shapers’ of our opinions – a deep down sense of ‘how the world works’.

These views are grounded so deep that we usually are not even aware of why we hold them – unless we have undertaken a conscious effort at discovery such as in The Assumptive Dive.

This highly engaging programme draws on Thomas Sowell’s powerful ideas in A Conflict of Visions to transform How You Think about the sources of opinions and beliefs about key matters in human affairs.

The explorations will take place over two months in 4 three-hour sessions at fortnightly intervals and will be delivered through a combination of facilitator presentations, group analyses and participant dialogues.

Who will benefit?

  • People interested in improving How to Think about the sources of their beliefs and opinions;
  • People who wish to build confidence to express opinions in discussions and strengthen their thinking;
  • People navigating conflict of ideas and needing to create and manage meaningful dialogues;
  • People engaged in trust-building and having to deal with toxic issues in organisational cultures.


The Assumptive Dive will help you:

  • Expand self-awareness into how behaviour is grounded deep in your mind and how this affects relationships;
  • Elevate your judgment capability by raising awareness about your and others’ sources of opinions;
  • Learn how to use and manage these sources for more effective decision-making and better relationship-building;
  • Enhance your power of forming well-grounded opinions and build confidence for expressing them publicly;
  • Better interpret and assess the meaning of opinions expressed by a wide range of people.


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Professor Connell Fanning


Professor Connell Fanning is a business economist with a special interest in the development and application of ideas and the role and use of theories in business reasoning. He was Professor of Economics and Head of the School of Economics for 30 years at University College Cork (UCC). Connell has wide teaching experience at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and in professional, executive and continuing education programmes.

He also has strong links with the business and external community. He has undertaken consultancy projects for businesses and public agencies, including the European Commission, has contributed to local and national Print, T.V. and Radio media on economic affairs, and has made presentations to a large range of public forums, conferences and seminars. He has published extensively on various themes, including John Maynard Keynes’ macroeconomic and business theory, local entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial renewal, worker management and labour-directed firms, Porter’s clusters theory, nurturing indigenous entrepreneurship and Penrose’s theory of organic growth of the firm.

Connell holds Primary and Masters degrees in Economics from University College Cork, and Masters and Ph.D. degree in Economics from Cornell University.


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Not currently on offer as an Open Programme.

Expressions of interest are always welcome.

The programme can be co-designed and delivered in-house for team development.

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