Transforming How You Think

Experiences Overview

Conventional Leadership Development is overwhelmingly about extensive lists of traits, characteristics,   positions, results, techniques, behaviours, habits and skills a person must have or do to be a ‘leader’. No matter how long the lists, this approach lacks the necessary clarity to guide effective action on ‘Leadership’.

Are you ticking all the boxes in these lists? Or is this bringing you much confusion, frustration, and anxiety?

Our Transformative Thinking and Leadership Development Experiences are different approach. We focus on developing the ‘Leadership Mind’ – a mind capable of organised thinking and feeling so as to generate Leadership Insights. Only minds with awareness of How to Think, Construct Sense of the World, and Relate to Others in meaningful ways can realise the true potential for Leadership.

Why not take the first steps to develop your ‘Leadership Mind’ with our unique approach?

Our Method

  • Offers the required supportive mental space in which we expand how we think and open a new path to leadership
  • Increases self-awareness through change experiences that will change habitual modes of thinking
  • Demonstrates and practices a truly life-long method of self-development which can be implemented in all aspects of our lives
  • Enhances our power of judgment for better quality of leadership thinking and capability for relating more meaningfully with others

Our Transformative Experiences

A selection is offered to individuals and organisations throughout the year in our Cork Centre, chosen facilities across Cork City, and throughout Ireland. Click on each one to check dates, venues and fees. We take expressions of interests from individuals and organisations all year. If you do not see an option you would like to experience, please contact us as we are open to collaboration and co-design to meet specific needs.

The ‘Assumptive Dive’ Workout

2 Months | Discover the sources of opinions and beliefs about how the world works which silently shape our thinking and behaviour about key issues in human affairs and leadership performance.



Reading for Transformation Experiences Book Circle

8 Months | Grow Capabilities for Leadership through the power of shared readings and productive conversations aimed at a ‘well-constructed self’.


Through the Lens of Arendt Film Series

4 Months | Go beyond buzzwords like ‘empathy’ and let the lives of four individuals inspire you to make better judgment calls.


Growing The ‘Leadership Mind’ for Organisational Development

6 Months | Explore a ground-breaking approach for the development of Leadership Minds for better individual and organisational leadership performance and as basis for development of other people.


Growing Your Firm Workshop

2 Days | Release the full growth potential for organic growth, even in recessionary times, through powerful ideas about utilising  internal resources in this four-session Workout.



Want to Grow your Mind With us?

Our programmes can also be customised, packaged into short and long-term programmes, and delivered in company training facilities or in agreed suitable venues.