Transforming How You Think

Through the Lens of Arendt Film Series

Extreme situations, particularly ones of crisis, uncover a person’s true character and values – who they are and where they really operate from.

Through The Lens of Arendt:

  • introduces the powerful ideas of Hannah Arendt for thinking afresh about judgment and their impact on how we relate to others
  • visits the decision-making of three people facing the same situation
  • demonstrates how to use Arendt’s ideas to understand how people think and act differently
  • enhances film watching experience and observational skills

Over four months (six fortnightly sessions), participants will watch four films, engage in a two-hour exploration of some of Arendt’s most powerful ideas and practice their application. There will also be an Ideas Session and a Capstone session.

Who will benefit?

  • People wishing to practice independent thinking, go beyond the ‘empathy fad’, and engage in genuine dialogues
  • Those wishing to grow their minds and to better understand people and relationships and explore where they operate from
  • Team leaders responsible for building and sustaining effective teams capable of putting themselves in the place of others


The real-life cases in this Film Club show how people thought and acted differently from each other – some thoughtfully, others thoughtlessly – and allow participants to explore the impact of this thinking. As a result, they will be in a better position to:

  • Sense how their words and actions are affecting people
  • Hold high quality and purposeful conversations
  • Build and sustain effective teams capable of putting themselves in the place of others
  • Build a culture of transparency, responsibility and accountability in their businesses
  • Make independent thinking a habit
  • Make judicious judgment calls
  • Challenge and go beyond fads and buzzwords, e.g. ‘empathy’
  • Foster connections that may lead them to experiment and innovate

Leadership Alumni Experiences

It was a different approach to learning and made me aware of the fact that I wasn’t critically thinking at all.

Susan Steele Chair, Sea Fisheries Protection Authority

It gives you an ability to understand others in a new light, and hopefully be able to interact with them in a more positive way.

Jerry Crowley Marketing Manager, CAB Motor Company

I haven’t been in a development programme that used films before. It was non-threatening and offered plenty of space to think and listen.

Tony O’Connor General Manager, Graepels

The team is really knowledgeable and it’s definitely helped me to look at things differently and a little bit deeper.

Brendan Reilly Global Supply Chain Manager, Dell EMC
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Not currently on offer as an Open Programme.

Expressions of interest are always welcome.

The Film Club can be co-designed and delivered in-house for team development.

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