Film Club Testimonials

Susan Steele

Chair, Sea Fisheries Protection Authority

The biggest thing that worked was the challenging us to think—the gentle challenging of our assumptions as well as the developing of critical thinking. Besides that, it was the difference in the approach to learning from anything else that I have done.

I’m always telling people about the program. I think that it’s almost essential for all of us to be doing it, especially people in leadership positions. Sometimes we rush through life and we don’t realize that we are in patterns. We’re so busy doing, inundated with misfounded opinions, that we have lost touch with our ability to think, and especially to critically think. And just taking the time out gives you the opportunity to just say: how am I thinking? How am I doing things? The program made me aware of the fact that I wasn’t actually thinking, and that sounds like a really strange thing to say when you are the head of an organization. But I was actually just rushing around the place doing, and I wasn’t critically thinking at all. It was a course that led to lifelong habit changes.

Tony O’Connor

General Manager, Graepels

I haven’t been a member of a development programme that used films before. Using this medium allowed plenty of space to think, listen and develop your own thoughts. It allowed you to engage in a conversation around your thought process when you were ready to; to develop, to think, to debate, and contribute at your own pace. I am now more questioning of how I think about things and more inclined to think something through to a much greater degree than I would have in the past.

The wide variety of participants with different backgrounds and from different walks of life on the program made the discussions very interesting as well. It was all very thought provoking… Do it again!

Jerry Crowley

General Manager, CAB Motor Company

It brings together intellectual people who otherwise wouldn’t necessarily come together to discuss and analyse a specific topic. Taking the theory, applying it to what we watched, and then looking back on our own professional experience and being able to bring that back to our own work life, that was different, that was unusual.

The whole point of the film club, the movies and the discussion, was to make you dig deeper, not to rely on your first impressions, not to rely on what was obvious, but to examine the underlying meaning and reasoning behind why people do what they do. It might not necessarily tie into your view of the world, but you have to respect others. It gives you an ability to understand others in a new light, and hopefully be able to interact with them in a more positive way.

Brendan Reilly

Global Supply Chain Manager, Dell EMC

It was interesting to immerse yourself into professional development by doing something that you would normally do in day to day life, i.e. watch films. It was a great way to learn and get some insight into your own thinking, how you operate and how you make judgements.

The facilitators (Connell, Assumpta and the other speakers) were very knowledgeable and overall it was an innovative way to learn. The group environment also suited me, as well as it being a great networking opportunity.

Personally, it helped me to crystallize my thoughts on what I would bring to a company and made me rethink my approach to the CV and the interview process. It’s definitely helped me to look at things differently and a little bit deeper. I would highly recommend the film club to anyone interested in professional and/or personal development.