Watch & Listen

Discussion Sessions

Towards Self-Meaning with Garrett Barden
Learn a series of exercises for performing self-reflection and self-meaning. 35mins

A Room of One’s Own
Extract lessons for the ‘business of life’ with a close reading of Virginia Woolf’s classic60mins

TKC Interviews

Livining Insightfully
Paddy Crowe discusses how we can live our lives with greater clarity, balance and insight. 20mins

Why Keynes
Prof. Connell Fanning gives his thoughts on John Maynard Keynes’ position, role and influence. 23mins

In Over Our Heads
Prof. Robert Kegan discusses the optimal curriculum to meet demands as discussed in his book. 5mins

Mental Demands
Prof. Kegan speaks about increasingly high demands on employees and their ability to cope. 2:34mins

Adult Mental Development
Prof. Kegan describes the process of mind development from adolescence to adulthood. 5mins

Taking Responsibility
Prof. Kegan discusses how initiative and the uptake of responsibility is the ‘Self-Authoring Mind’. 4:42mins

Thought Transformation
Prof. Kegan discusses the importance of growing your mind and enhancing your aptitudes. 3:52mins

The Keynes Centre
Prof. Kegan discusses his connection with The Keynes Centre and its benefits for people. 5.50mins

TKC in the Media

Radio Kerry
Prof. Fanning on why executives should join our Reading for Change Book Club. 14mins

CRY Radio FM
Prof. Fanning discusses the failure of Leadership Development and the power of reading. 11mins

TKC Launch Speeches

Dr. Michael Murphy
President of University College Cork talks about the Centre’s importance for Cork city. 10mins

Michael Buckley
Chair of TKC Advisory Board talks about why he joined us and the Centre’s potential. 13mins

Prof Connell Fanning
Our Director talks about setting up the Centre and role in leadership development. 16mins